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10 Skills To Succeed As A Content Writer

The best way to gather as much knowledge as possible is to keep studying. Read blog posts and ebooks, watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts. You can also connect with other SEO writers on social media.

What makes you a good content writer

A snappy introduction may help you keep your readers’ attention for longer, but it’s not a silver bullet. You need to write with your specific audience in mind. For instance, if you’re reading this article, it’s a fair bet you want to write better content. So, in the introduction, I acknowledged your challenge and explained this article is here to help you find a solution. Employers are more likely to pick a relevant degree holder with great writing skills than a non-degree holder with great writing skills.

Now, because of how important SEO is, business owners pay heavily for SEO content writers. The more skilled you are, the higher your pay becomes. Focus on including the requirements of the position in your cover letter and how you can fulfill these requirements. Many content writers starting out in their careers are not sure how much they should be paid per word. Most publications pay by word, or by hour, with a certain word count expectation.

Freelance Writing

The occasional late post is fine, especially if you build a backlog. Consistent late work is cause for alarm and, eventually, cutting contract. I’ve found that the best writers rarely start out at the top of their game. Sure, there are the top-tier professionals who are always at the top of their game, but with them, you know what you’re getting into.

With the boom in drag-and-drop software for designing visuals and producing videos, step out of the “writing” box. You want to inform and educate your readers based on information from credible sources. Coming up with unique examples for your content might also need a lot of digging. That’s why learning how to conduct research is important. When clients assign me writing projects, I’ve helped them numerous times by sharing why their chosen keywords are bad for their business.

A writer’s mind is full of random thoughts, more so when they start to write. Hence, if a proper pattern isn’t followed, the piece can become a mixed pie where the reader cannot taste anything special. Simply put, the piece becomes confusing, and the reader immediately loses interest. Even if you’re in an obscure niche, there are likely hundreds of articles covering similar topics to you. The simplest way to teach your readers something is to provide specific, actionable tips spelling out exactly how to do whatever you’re talking about. Once you’ve done your research and worked out what your audience expects from your content, it’s time to create an outline.

This is the most important part of your online portfolio. Even if you haven’t written any major projects or had any major clients, you can still include the minor works you have done. You cannot be an SEO writer without knowing how to research. From researching keywords to the latest market trends, facts, statistics, and numerical data, everything you do must be backed up by research. You should also know how to use keywords in your content.

What makes you a good content writer

Say I’m going to write about SEO, but I haven’t decided on an exact topic yet. Ubersuggest tells me people are asking about what SEO means and why it’s important. Let’s look at some more BuzzSumo research to demonstrate this. They used machine learning models to discover the keys to engaging content writing. But employers and prospective clients will not just come to you in your place of hiding. You need to make yourself more visible by going to them.

What Are The Qualities That Content Writer Need To Be Successful?

Making your writers feel appreciated, giving them a chance to grow, and guiding them rather than admonishing them can have a brilliant effect. Using an Evernote notebook for collecting articles could prove convenient. Whenever you perform a Google research, your saved pages then appear in the right sidebar alongside Google results. It’s a fact that even with a high SEO rank, more people will read your titles than your actual content. This is simply due to the fact that not everyone who reads your title will decide to step in. Reducing this gap is done solely by making your titles attractive enough to lure people in.

Or maybe you’re doing an article about a pop culture topic or crafting a lifestyle piece. The point, look for appropriate opportunities to add some of your own personality to your content. After all, it’s part of what makes you unique as a writer. How can you test any of the qualities I’ve mentioned above? The problem with a lot of generalist writers is that they only writer surface-level content.

WordStream by LOCALiQ is your go-to source for data and insights in the world of digital marketing. Check out our award-winning blog, free tools and other resources that make online advertising easy. Focus on writing content that is fresh, useful, informative, and relevant.

What makes you a good content writer

While writing, you need to make sure that your piece of content should be original. Though, there are chances that several people are writing on the same subject, so sometimes your thoughts might collide. But it is necessary that every unique writer must have its own style of writing, perspectives and unique voice which can give light to your entire content. Plagiarized content is termed as bad content for SEO or in general. Plagiarised Content is a stamp against a content writer’s reputation and may even end up killing your unique style too. Before submitting your final content, always make use of programmes to check for plagiarism.

This lengthy sentence is a prime candidate for a ruthless red pen, even if my lame jokes were intended to give it a little more flavor. I’ve edited the sentence to show you how you could edit a similar line in your own work . Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. For this, communicating with the clients is of utmost importance. Have open conversations with the clients and other stakeholders. If you have questions or need clarifications, communicate that, too, to the client.

Technical Skills

Trust yourself and your abilities; actively seek writing assignments that offer more compensation. For instance, imagine you’re doing an article on trendy new Thai food spots. You can throw in some of your own experiences with that particular cuisine.

  • You can expect upwards of $500 per blog post and make more than $100 per hour.
  • Remember your job as a content writer isn’t to just fill the page with words.
  • You might consider using a website content planner like Slickplan’s, but tools like that won’t mean much if you don’t have the right people to use them.
  • And then there are the clients who feel the process is burdensome.
  • Some people prefer to just give the writer a few test articles and then judge what they produce.

You can state the following response as a starting point for adding further elements. Blogging can be a marketing tool for another company, or it can be profitable on its own through ads. Educational websites sometimes hire content writers to shine a light on a certain complex issue or topic in an easily readable way. Either way, blogs need quality content to attract reader attention. It should contain keywords and other aspects of SEO that increase traffic, while making it relevant to the target market segment.

Content Writing

Practice to improve your skills and build yourself up. You can start with getting small contract jobs just to build your portfolio and increase your experience level. Most prospective clients prefer to know more about a job seeker before hiring them. It is advisable to link to professional accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter. Connecting to your social media accounts gives your clients an idea of what you are like. Your portfolio should contain your qualifications and skills.

Seo Content Writing Vs Seo Copywriting

Freelancers often work with multiple clients and may not always have space for your work, and can leave whenever they find better contracts and need to drop someone to make room. They are faster to read and visually pleasing to visitors’ eyes. Concise writing conveys your point in an impactful manner while being easy to read. Web users scan content, so aid this behavior by breaking your content through visuals, multimedia, tables, and avoiding presenting your information into walls of text. Medium and solicit feedback — especially from content editors — to polish your writing. Employers offer you a variety of interview questions to discover more about why you want to work for them.


Some people prefer to just give the writer a few test articles and then judge what they produce. Some prefer to treat it as more of a job interview, complete with tricky questions to ask. Bloggers, meanwhile, know all of the quirks of running AI Content Writer job a blog. They won’t just deliver a document to you, they’ll be able to brainstorm ideas, research keywords, manage your blog meta data, and so on. I will warn you up front, however; you probably won’t strike gold on your first attempt.

Armed with good material based on in-depth interviews, the writer you’ve hired is much more likely to produce better-performing content. Getting a freelancer is cheaper but there’s too much risk involved. I have an awful experience of getting a freelancer and paying 5 cents per word but what I received sounded funny and just droned on and on… Agencies have specialists for certain topics and they seem to handle revisions better when you have that open line of communication. You don’t always need a writer with intimate knowledge of the intricacies of SEO, unless you’re a marketing blog and that’s the expertise you’re looking for. Even if you’re knowledgeable about your subject and are a fluent writer, it can still take hours to write a blog post.

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