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As stated from inside the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Aphrodite has a great many characteristics

As stated from inside the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Aphrodite has a great many characteristics


Due to the fact a girl from Ouranos, Aphrodite is an extremely strong goddess, specifically because the – within her terms – “love can bring probably the gods on the legs”. Percy immediately following acknowledged one to Aphrodite’s energies frightened your more than Ares.

  • Amokinesis: Since Goddess away from Like, Crave, and you may Sex, Aphrodite enjoys divine power and you will pure control over the fresh attitude associated love and you can appeal. The woman is able to arouse love and you may interests in others, entrancing any mortal otherwise jesus she wishes.. The only real identified deities who’ve at least partial immune system in order to which are the around three Virgin Goddesses.
  • Charmspeak: Aphrodite’s voice possess a mesmerizing effect, able to impacting the thinking from anybody else to help you put him or her in her own thrall. The girl charmspeak is much more powerful than compared to the lady pupils.
  • Personification away from Attract: Aphrodite is the personification of all of the attention and you can fulfillment. She’s got divine authority and absolute control of desire of one’s possible, bodily appetite, emotional you desire, envious appeal, and you will fulfillment of the notice. Inside Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she offered Pandora amazing charm.
  • Omnipotent Allure: Aphrodite changes the girl looks to become probably the most truly attractive or sexually attractive human anatomy with respect to the people she on exposure from.
  • Biokinesis: Aphrodite can be influence the body to supply and you will/otherwise boost their beauty otherwise make certain they are ugly and you can undesirable. From inside the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she granted Pandora attractive beauty. The woman saying enhances the beauty of this lady currently beautiful demigod pupils and you will removes its real imperfecions, such as for instance zits. Because revealed in Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite are able to turn anybody else unsightly. She cursed the women away from Lemnos which have a good stench very dreadful one to none of your boys you certainly will stand to become within fifty base ones.
  • Infallible Artwork Acuity: Aphrodite had an amount of microscopic-vision. On Titan’s Curse she was able to see flaws in their makeup you to definitely Percy failed to.
  • Plant Conversion: Aphrodite is capable of turning some body on something related to plant life. In Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she transformed the new corpse regarding Adonis into the bloodstream-yellow flowers and you will anemones.
  • Pyrokinesis: As present in Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite can also be create green explosions, being malicious sufficient to quickly great time this new roof off the lady castle to rubble.
  • Virtuakinesis: As noticed in Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite can cause optical illusions. She authored multiple illusions men and women in need of assistance to try to distract Psyche.


However, the biggest of all the is actually her girdle, which in fact had the ability to offer any girl just who used they amazing towards opposite sex, and it is actually known as a softer sash stitched which have views from courtship, love, and delightful someone starting breathtaking anything.

Aphrodite’s sacred fruit is the apple (most likely right down to Paris’ reasoning with the Fruit of Dissension). Her sacred plant life may be the daffodil, the fresh myrtle, the brand new flower, together with anemone (the latter a couple of got flourished about bloodstream out of the woman dear Adonis). One of her sacred plant life ‘s the lettuce. The woman sacred treasure is the pearl, because originated in the ocean same as she performed. Their sacred pet could be the dove, the fresh new sparrow, new swan, the latest dolphin plus the hare. Additional icons could be the mirror and scallop shell.


Aphrodite is served by multiple loyal attendants, along with Eros (their boy and you will men similar), Hymenaios (the fresh goodness out-of marriage ceremonies), Ganymede (the newest goodness regarding gay like and you will interest), the 3 Charites (who act as her handmaidens), and the Erotes – small winged love gods.


Venus are Aphrodite’s Roman element. She’s got children or descendants at the Go camping Jupiter near San francisco, in addition to Michael Kahale. The fresh new Greeks envisioned Aphrodite as a keen and you can beautiful getting. Brand new Romans acclaimed Venus because divine ancestress of their people, because mom regarding Aeneas, just who sailed to help you Italy following the fall off Troy and you can whose descendants Romulus and Remus in reality built Rome. It ought to be indexed thus one to Venus achieved value since a great goddess regarding politics and win of the Romans, and it has epithets such as Venus Victrix and you can Venus Genetrix for the the lady roles out-of Venus, goddess away from profit, and you may Venus, mommy out of Rome, correspondingly.

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