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Claire states so it within the “Drawer, You’ll be able to Like it!

Claire states so it within the “Drawer, You’ll be able to Like it!

Regarding the seasons ten occurrence, “An effective Despair”, DeDe passes away soundly in her own bed during a call which have her ladies group.

Frank Dunphy [ edit ]

Francis Allen “Frank” Dunphy (Fred Willard) was Phil’s father and you may Haley, Alex and you may Luke’s paternal pops. On vacation, the family mutual a webcam talk to your.

Frank returns inside the “Trip that have Lookout” as he journey long distance rather than Phil’s mother and you will appears that have your pet dog he claims she’s hypersensitive reactions so you can. He works out bringing the puppy right back having your. Frank is kind of an excellent polar contrary away from Jay’s (Claire’s father) grumpiness and you may dead style, when he is seen becoming laid back, comedy and you may cool more often than not. ” whenever really family members reference Jay once the ‘Grump-pa’ when you are Frank is known as ‘Fun-pa.’ Their emotions try a virtually carbon dioxide backup off Phil’s identity. At the end of season cuatro, it is indicated that Frank’s wife (Phil’s mommy) had passed away. Inside the year 8, Frank starts relationship Lorraine, Phil’s childhood baby-sitter and you may break. Later, he proposes to their, plus event 19, it wed.

Throughout the episode “Legacy,” Phil visits Frank from inside the Florida immediately after hearing specific concerning the news throughout the him, following at the end of this new occurrence, Frank passes away.

Javier Delgado [ change ]

Javier Delgado (Benjamin Bratt) is Manny’s biological father and you can Gloria’s ex boyfriend-spouse. The guy and you will Gloria was in fact divorced; from the airplane pilot, Gloria states all of the they performed are “strive making love,” within one point leading them to come out of a windows.

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