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Definition and Overview

The In-Patient Program is an individually tailored 3 month residential treatment program that provides treatment for the problem drinker/alcoholic or drug user away from their usual work or family environment.

In our safe and supportive recovery community, the individual has the opportunity to regain their physical and psychological health through participating in individual and group cognitive behavioral therapy sessions.

Our In-Patient treatment model is 12-step based and includes a variety of evidence based treatment modalities, including medically monitored detoxification.

What Is Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Inpatient treatment, also referred to as residential treatment, provides the highest level of rehab services for patients diagnosed with alcohol or other drug addiction. Typically, inpatient drug rehab programs include medical detox and integrated mental health services.

We provide drug and alcohol rehab plan for you!

At Wonder Peace Rehabilitation Centre, inpatient treatment for substance abuse begins with our clinicians getting a good understanding of your specific situation. Our treatment team will evaluate your medical health, mental health and chemical use history in order to design an individualized drug and alcohol rehab plan for you. With your permission, our rehab staff may also talk with your family members and consult with professionals you might already be working with to address your needs and challenges.

A holistic healing plan.

Because addiction is a disease that affects your body, mind and spirit, we bring a multidisciplinary team together to provide you with a holistic healing plan. 

Our inpatient drug rehab programs are also gender-specific, which has been shown to help patients stay focused on the recovery process, explore sensitive issues in a safe and supportive environment, and strengthen trusting relationships with peers.

Your licensed team members for residential treatment include: