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 Wonder Peace Wellness Centre (WPWC) offer a spiritual program? At Wonder Peace we offer spiritual focused treatment in addiction recovery. the rationale behind fostering spirituality into our treatment program is to give a more client centered, culturally aware and promote addiction recovery.

The spiritual concept that contribute to mental health are hope, love courage to change, acceptance of what cannot be changed, culturally aware, spirituality, abstinence, recovery, coping skills, self-empowerment and motivation.

Wonder Peace Wellness Centre uses the 12 step program that presents three main characteristics that have shown to be beneficial in addiction recovery outcomes which are;

  1. Believe in a universal higher power
  2. The daily experience of spiritual renewal
  3. Sponsorship in the program.

Just like addiction is often a daily thing, the 12 step program suggests daily spiritual renewal to attain, maintain and remain grateful for sobriety.

Latest Studies on Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

Here is where the studies get interesting. It has been found that not only does spirituality get you sober, but you are more likely to stay sober if you have spirituality or faith in your life. The stronger that faith or spirituality, the more protected you are from relapse.

The same researchers in 2008 explored the relationship between an individual’s level of faith and spirituality and addiction recovery success.

This is what they found.

“…recovering individuals have statistically greater levels of faith and spirituality than those continuing to relapse; also that relapsing individuals show significantly lower levels of spirituality than those in recovery.

Despite the paucity of research in this area, spirituality has been shown to be a significant and independent predictor of recovery and/or improvement in indices of treatment outcome…

…levels of spirituality may be greater in individuals whose recovery is successful compared to those who have relapsed. Length of sobriety has also been positively associated with spirituality while commitment to a higher power may lessen the severity of relapse episodes.”

Meaning, if you have spirituality, it is a good indicator of whether or not you going to stay sober. Not only that, but if you are sober and have spirituality, the stronger it is, the more successful you are in your recovery. The strength of your spirituality is correlated with the strength of your recovery. It may even save you in the case of a relapse.