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Who we are

Wonder Peace Rehabilitation & Wellness center is a registered group certified by the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority (NACADA) Kenya founded in 2011, meaning it meets certain the required standards in terms of addiction treatment and center management. We offer 7 bedrooms, completely refurbished and decorated to a very high standard with furnishings to match. Our rooms provide everything you need to ensure your personal environment is safe, secure, and comfortable.

Our facility is a large, spacious, fully residential-detached facility with attractive gardens and 24/7 security. Situated in Ruiru-Kimbo (‘cable’), (Exit 13) off Thika Super Highway, 200m behind Kimbo (‘cable’) shopping center, it is within easy reach of Nairobi town and local transportation links. There, residents integrate regular physical activity into their treatment plan, for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Wonderpeace rehabilitation center helps individuals, families, and communities struggling with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and drug addiction transform their lives.

With a unique combination of evidence-based practices and holistic recovery activities, Wonderpeace Treatment Center provides a safe space for patients to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from addiction.

Our Vision

To offer professional support to aid restoration of lives of the affected people through value based counseling, personal development and time tested rehabilitation processes into their God ordained destiny.

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide an international standard treatment and to develop a centre where recovering alcoholics obtain ongoing support and assistance.

We believe that this will reduce the occurrence of relapse which is such a prevalent part of this illness and will help recovering addicts and alcoholics to consolidate their recovery process.

Our Mission

It is true that the values of the leader of any organization will filter through to all staff members. As the leader of our clinical team my values and approach to the treatment process will inevitably affect our team. We would like to share our approach to all those suffering from the disease of addiction.

We are committed as primary healthcare professionals to helping people find meaningful and lasting freedom from addiction.

Professional Service

We take a goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them.

Patient Care

We’ll provide hands-on treatment in the office and education you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery and future physical health.

Our Core Values

At Wonder Peace, we are guided by these core values:

  • Integrity – Moral soundness. (Honest and dependable in all our interactions).
  • Confidentiality – ensuring the privacy of client identity and issues.
  • Lovefor God and people
  • Passionsacrifice, care, concern
  • Commitment – to professionalism, immediacy, nurturing

Our Therapists

Holistic therapy achieves this on a number of levels without the need for pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals. This is good news for the addict; their brain struggles to differentiate between a pharmaceutical drug and street drug. To the addict’s brain there is no difference and both hold the potential to be abused. For this reason, medications should only be used when absolutely necessary; for optimum results treatment should also have a strong therapeutic element that promotes change in the individual.

Fridah Nyawira

A counseling psychologist, who is passionate in counseling, and willing to walk with individuals during their low times, make them more aware of themselves in order to gain control again for a better life.

Emmanuel Mutweri
Addiction Counselor

Having been a recovery alcoholic and done 12 step program am an addiction counselor, am devoted in the field to helping people with alcohol and drug addiction and mental health issues and with my vast personal experience am able to walk with my patients in their journey to recovery.

Samson Waweru
Psychiatric Nurse

Being a registered nurse with a specialty in mental health and psychiatry have been in the medical field since 2018. I find the field so broad and interactive. Helping all with mental illness to understand that mental illness is like any other disease and can be cured. I always believe mental health is an integral component of maintaining good overall health.

Patrick Kariuki
Facility Manager & Psychologist

I offer a counseling approach designed to suit the needs of each client. I have experience with alcoholic and drug addicts from various backgrounds and ages. I have a desire and commitment for walking with others as they journey through life's challenges, the losses and disappointments as well as changing seasons of life.