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What we do

Wonder Peace Rehabilitation takes a holistic approach to the treatment of addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses.

It is our experience that holistic therapies are extremely powerful in aiding the healing process and in addressing how the individual thinks and behaves.

There was a time before holistic therapies were introduced when those suffering from addiction or mental health problems were just left to suffer, treated through barbaric means or heavily medicated to the point of being hardly able to function.

Nowadays, much more is understood about the human brain and how it works, with far more compassionate and effective therapies being used to assist in the recovery process. Addiction is essentially an illness of the mind that starts in the addict’s thought processes and then exhibits in their subsequent actions. It is the thinking that needs to be addressed in order for them to recover from the obsessive and destructive thinking that drives their addiction. 

Holistic therapy achieves this on a number of levels without the need for pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals. This is good news for the addict; their brain struggles to differentiate between a pharmaceutical drug and street drug. To the addict’s brain there is no difference and both hold the potential to be abused. For this reason, medications should only be used when absolutely necessary; for optimum results treatment should also have a strong therapeutic element that promotes change in the individual.

Our Treatment Programs

We are an organization of extensively experienced and compassionate licensed and accredited professionals collaborating to provide the comprehensive physical, mental, and spiritual care needed to treat the whole individual.

We offer a complete continuum of substance abuse and mental health care including detox, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, client housing, extended and aftercare support, and a vibrant alumni program, Transformations continually improves its processes and introduces new treatment options to oer its clients the most personalized treatment experiences available.