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Why It Is Important To Write A Goodbye Addiction Letter

The letter above is just an example, and yours should be focused on your own experience and feelings. It’s okay to feel sad while writing your letter, but it’s also important to focus on the good things that are about to come. Writing your letter is already a major sign of progress. For a time, it felt like all I needed in the world was you.

I feel infinitely better from the inside to the outside. My skin looks better goodbye letter to addiction to the point that people think I’m 10 years younger than I actually am.

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Some days, I thought you were what I wanted. Sometimes the drug abuse made me feel great, eased my inhibitions, and made me forget about my own self-contempt. You used to be all I ever thought about. The Sanctuary Foundation provides a supportive residential environment to help you say goodbye forever to drugs and alcohol. Contact us for more information about how we can help you on your sobriety journey. This isn’t a letter that you are submitting for a grade in school.

As much as I’d like to blame you for what’s happened to me, I know that I’m just as much to blame. You and I don’t mix well – never have and never will. I’m happy to say I’ve taken control of my life again and surrounded myself with people who only have my best interests at heart. As much as it hurts to walk away from you, I know this is the right decision for both of us.

Talk About the Benefits of Sobriety

You may let go of the past and your addiction with this letter. Instead, you might begin to concentrate on your healing prospects. I have learned that the hardest thing to do in life is to say goodbye. This includes all relationships—people, pets, or things we get attached to. With you, I wasn’t attached, but was in love, and thought we would live happily ever after.

goodbye letter to drug of choice

If it helps, you could include future plans that will not involve alcohol as a way to encourage yourself to continue pursuing a sober life. Attempts to quit had varying degrees of success. At 18, Glover said he looked up Alcoholics Anonymous, and after approximately 19 days of not drinking, he resumed, with a shot of vodka for each day he had missed. By 20, his mother forced him into rehab, and sobriety lasted two and a half months .

A Goodbye Letter to my Drug of Choice,

“You get the idea.” Nitrous, however, he managed to kick six months ago. Both letters are a great example of how to write your goodbye letter to alcohol. The letter may relay humor and the lighter side of drinking before alcoholism took ahold. Many people enjoyed drinking in the beginning. So, it helps to talk about the fun before the addiction took hold of life. Part of Step 4 involves making a list of persons one has harmed by their drinking.

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